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809880902KEDT-80908012,00800 x 930 x 850
809980902KEDT-909012012,00900 x 1050 x 900
802980902KEDT-125025027,001500 x 1000 x 850
  • Device body is made from 18/8 Cr-NI stainless steel stone plate.
  • Cover is made from stainless steel plate which is special formed for endurance and double wall.
  • Pan bottom is made from 12mm stainless steel plate, thus temperature can spread homogeneous and preserve longer.
  • Overturn equipment with its special mechanism can be turned without force and overturn angle is 85.
  • Pan has a tap for cleaning or usage for hot and cold water.
  • Multi stage thermostat can adjust temperature between 50-300°C
  • There is a safety system that cut the electricity if any malfunction occurs at pan (limited thermostat).
  • All electrical / gas and control equipment are suitable to international standards.


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