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Mobile bakery is used for bread baking in field conditions for armed forces, civil defense and emergency rescue services and humanitarian organizations. Baking with the mobile bakery includes the different steps involved in the process: kneading, dividing, rounding, manual forming, fermentation (rising), baking and natural cooling. The mobile bakery is specially designed to subsist to the need for bread of the soldiers in the field. The system is fully autonomous for power with its diesel generator. The complete unit is fitted on a double axle van trailer, completed with expandable service area. The unit is compact and can be displayed in a very short time.

Dimensions : 13600 mm x 2450 mm x 2500 mm
Baking capacity :
100 kg of bread in 1 hour (500 breads of 0.200 kg)
800 kg of bread in 8 hours (4000 breads of 0,200 kg)
1600kg of bread in 16 hours (8000 breads of 0.200 kg)
Ration of 0,6 kgs / day / man

In 8 h : 1300 men / day
In 16 h : 2600 men / day
All the interior walls and the ceiling and floor are clad in stainless steel to ensure compliance with the strictest hygiene requirements under field conditions. The bakery is full electric powered and it is entierly autonomous with its own diesel powered generator. Having arrived on site MOBILE BAKERY is ready for operation within the shortest time.


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