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Professional Kitchen manufacturer
Kayalar Mutfak

Pioneer of the industrial kitchen

Being one of the pioneers of the industrial kitchen sector, Kayalar Mutfak has been producing all the products needed by the professionals in the sector since its establishment in 1957. With its wide range of products, it meets all the needs of its customers with high quality products. Kayalar Mutfak with 4 regional offices throughout Turkey, 8 stores, serving with 54 dealers and 70 service network, with new contributions and investment continues to further expand its service network. It is headquartered in Istanbul and serves with its expert staff in a production facility equipped with the latest technology machine park in accordance with world standards in a total area of 45 thousand square meters in total and in closed rea of 30 thousand square meters. It fulfills its mission in promoting the sector and introducing new products to the consumers with the harmonious works it has done with domestic and foreign project partners.


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We produce for professionals of professional kitchens

The primary goal in the production of professional kitchen products is to produce new and ergonomic products that benefit consumers, to increase their awareness in all professional kitchens by working on reliability and preference. Production continues in categories such as ovens, cookers, coolers, transport equipment, work benches, storage stacking equipment and hoods, beverage preparation equipment, preparation equipment, dishwashing equipment, set-top product groups. In addition to these, it continues its professional work in the field of open buffet service units, kitchen auxiliary equipment, service personnel and field kitchen, mobile kitchen for use in military areas.

If you are thinking about establishing a professional kitchen and where to buy my industrial kitchen equipment, Kayalar Mutfak meets all the products you need with more than 10.000 product types. You can find the products you need here, and to get price or information related to the product, you can click the get offer button on the product page and let our customer representative contact you. If you need more than one industrial kitchen product, you can add the products you have selected on the product page to the offer list and ask for advantageous prices for all your products.

Years of Experience

With the trust and support we receive from our customers, we are working with all our strength to shape the future of the industrial kitchen sector from today.

Professional Kitchen Projects

Kayalar Mutfak has its signature in the kitchen projects of thousands of institutions and organizations in many parts of the world from Europe to Asia, from Africa to America, especially in our country. Starting from the kitchen planning in the projects of enterprises such as factories, hospitals, schools, restaurants, steak houses, cafes, it offers complete open buffet units, product supply, installation and assembly services to its customers. If you need a professional kitchen and think about who does it best, you can look at our references and fill out the form on the project page and have our customer representative contact you to convey the details.

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R&D Studies

İnteraktif olarak globalleşen dünya da artan müşteri ihtiyaçlarına karşılık verebilmek için ürün yelpazeleri genişletildi. 10.000’den daha fazla ürün seçeneği ile siz değerli müşterilerimizin talepleri doğrultusunda çözümler sunulmaktadır. Yıllık 3 milyon kg paslanmaz çelik işleme kapasitesi, uzman personel istihdamı, AR-GE tasarım üretim yetkinliği, uzman satış ekibi ile doğru çözümler sunan Kayalar, bu sektörde kendini ispatlamıştır. Teknolojik gelişmeleri yakından takip ederek AR-GE çalışmalarını sürdürmekte üretim, montaj ve yaygın servis ağı ile birlikte satış sonrası desteği devam ettirmektedir.


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