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Kayalar 4 regional offices throughout Turkey, 8 stores, serving with 54 dealers and 70 service network with new contributions and investment continues to further expand its service network. It serves with its expert staff in its production facility equipped with a state-of-the-art machine park in compliance with world standards in an area of 45 thousand square meters in a closed area of 30 thousand square meters. With its harmonious work with domestic and international project partners, it also fulfills its mission in promoting the industry and introducing new products to consumers.

Kayalar is among the leading and leading companies in the industrial kitchen sector. produces kitchen products in line with needs and demands. With its principle of activity that never compromises on quality and trust, it is taking fast and confident steps to have a say in the world market with its solution partners. Kayalar Çelik A.Ş. contributes to the growth of the Turkish economy by exporting 50% of its production to 5 continents and seeming in the kitchens of hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, patisseries, schools, hospitals, fastfoods, factories, military facilities and similar enterprises. It continues its R&D studies by closely following the technological developments and continues its after-sales support with its production, assembly and extensive service network.

The product groups include cooling devices, cooking appliances, kitchen auxiliary equipment, set top products, dishwashing equipment, field kitchens and more than 2500 product types. It cooperates with the world's leading companies that add value to the sector, and imports the products needed, and sells these products both domestically and internationally.

Its primary goal is to develop awareness in all professional kitchens by conducting studies on reliability and preference by developing new and ergonomic products that benefit consumers. KAYALAR, with the importance it gives to people and nature, aims to reach its goals by training the qualified human resources needed by the industry, who are excited to pursue innovations that believe in the power of being a team.


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