Kayalar | نطاق مع فرن بالغاز

نطاق مع فرن بالغاز


رمز المنتجنموذجالمقاس (مم)الاستهلاك (متر مكعب / ساعة - كغ / ساعة)الطاقة (كيلوواط)حجم (متر مكعب)الوزن (كغ)مقاسات الغلاف الخارجي (مم)
807880801KGKF - 8070800 x 740 x 8503,171 - 2,36432,000,55120900 x 850 x 1100
  • Can be operated with Lpg and Ng gas.
  • The gas burners provides a high burning fertility through primary and secondary burning and is proper to the world standart
  • Magnet ventil gas valves with flame failure device and pilot on each burner protect against gas leakage when accidental extinguishing of the flame occurs.
  • Teflon coated ,hard pan support in cast iron specially designed to provide usage of different sized pans.
  • Deep drawn stainless top
  • Deep drawn cooking departments bring fastest and ease of cleaning, assuring hygenic cooking area
  • Two leveled oven hinge system with single arm brings maximum safety in usage plus leveling the door brings ease of usage.
  • Monoblock oven body made of stainless steel and internal oven temperature controlled by thermostatic magnet ventil gas valve with eight levels maximum 300 °C


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