Kayalar | غسالة الكؤوس

غسالة الكؤوس


رمز المنتجنموذجالمقاس الخارجي (مم)مقاس السلة (مم)الطاقة (كيلوواط)الوزن (كغ)مدخل ضغط الماءالجهد الكهربائيالسعة (كوب / ساعة)
99050030012400-B450 x 510 x 650350 x 350 x 1503,339200-400220 V, 1N, 50Hz400-700
  • All parts; which are in the body of the machine and the water; are produced stainless steel plate.
  • There is an audio alarm system indicating that washing has ended.
  • Error and fault Codes can be seen from the device control panel.
  • When the door is opened; there is a safety system to stop the operation.
  • The machine can wash glasses and other objects at a maximum height of 290 mm.
  • Washing and rinsing arms and filters can be easily disassembled for cleaning.
  • As a standard accessory; there is 1 glass rack with 400400 mm dimensions
  • Optional units: Rinsing pump, draining pump, detergent pump.


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