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مقلاة مع كوب غاز


رمز المنتجنموذجالمقاس (مم)الطاقة (كيلوواط)درجة الحرارة (درجة مئوية)الطاقة (كيلو كالوري)السعة (لتر)حجم (متر مكعب)الوزن (كغ)مقاسات الغلاف الخارجي (مم)
807480101KGFD - 4070400 x 740 x 85015100 - 18025800180,2648500 x 850 x 1100
  • Can be operated with LPG and NG Gas
  • Liftable heating system with resistances designed for homogeneous heat distribution, provides easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Thermostatic regulation of oil temperature up to a maximum of 180 °C
  • In case of over heating of the oil, limit thermostat stops the heating elements and provides safety operate.
  • Long life, easy cleaning and hygenic due tı its
  • Spherical valve to drain oil from the container
  • Safety system shutting off energy of the heaters


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