حاوية الغسيل

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Our mobile laundry units can reduce problems caused by poison oak, lice, rashes, itching and other dirty clothing related medical problems.
* Wash and dry capacity of our units is 200 and 300 lbs per hour.
* All units are hot water
* 2000-gallon fresh water storage
* 4000-galllon gray water storage
* Powered by a Whisper Quiet generator
* Appropriate staffing

User provides portable water and gray water disposal for laundry and coolers.The Officers and soldiers who operate the facility in the field. The laundry and shower facility are a most welcome service to the troops, as they can be in the field of battle for weeks without a proper wash and a change of clothes. The container size unit can be transported on the back of a truck, and also flown into areas of combat by Chinook helicopters, and is completely self contained except for a water supply. They are usually based close to the medical facilities to provide a continuous supply of clean linen to the operating theatres and patients, as well as the troops.


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