Kayalar | طباخ مع كوب غاز

طباخ مع كوب غاز


رمز المنتجنموذجالمقاس (مم)الطاقة (كيلوواط)الاستهلاك (متر مكعب / ساعة - كغ / ساعة)الجهد الكهربائيحجم (متر مكعب)الوزن (كغ)مقاسات الغلاف الخارجي (مم)
807880701KGOD-8070800 x 740 x 85024,02,536 - 1,891400 V0,5580900 x 850 x 1100
  • Works with Lpg and Natural Gas.
  • Burners are world-class and environmentally friendly with low combustion gas emissions as well as high combustion efficiency thanks to primary and secondary burning capability.
  • Each burner has a magnet safety valve with gas shut-off kit for accidental extinguishment.
  • Heavy-duty furnace castings designed to allow the use of pots in different sizes are covered with teflon
  • Deep drawn stainless top


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