Kayalar | قطاعة البطاطس مع خزانة

قطاعة البطاطس مع خزانة


الشفرة MODEL BOYUT (mm) POWER (Kw) سعة (Lt.) VOLTAGE حجم (m³) WEIGHT (Kg) بعد الحزمة (mm)
809480402 KEPD - 4090 400 x 930 x 850 1,0 GN 1/1 150 230 V 0,58 45 500 x 1050 x 1100
  • 1/1 GN 150 mm container Capacity.
  • Unit to have infrared heating elements positioned on the back of the unit to keep servings warm until ready to be plated and served.
  • Ergonomical design provides comfort for the user.
  • Through perforated sheet metal part, easy draining potatoes
  • Unit to be mounted on open base cupboards


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